About CUAS

Méabh Ní Bheaglaoich (accordion,vocals), Nicole Ní Dhubhshláine (concertina, flute), Niamh Varian-Barry (fiddle, viola, vocals), and Kyle Macaulay (guitar, bouzouki) came together in early 2023 to form CUAS, a collective that performs and celebrates the wild and diverse musical traditions of West Kerry. Inspired by the emotive songs and the vibrant dance traditions of the area, the group positions the intrinsic link between listener and performer at the heart of the performance. Their debut album "CUAS" will be released in May 2024; a live album recorded in front of friends and family in Seanscoil a' Chuasa. Already, the group have appeared at festivals throughout the country and on national TV including programmes Fáilte 2024 and Bláth na hÓige. Invigorating polkas and slides, thoughtful new compositions, and native songs abound in this meeting of four of Ireland’s most promising young musicians.

To us, traditional music is about the inexplicable and intangible connection between performer and listener. For an audience present at a passionate and soulful presentation of traditional music the experience can be truly life changing.

Master musicians Tony MacMahon and Noel Hill successfully captured the raucous energy of Clare music and dance on their 1985 release “i gCnoc na Graí” when they transported the imaginations of listeners worldwide to a crowded pub in Co. Cork.

Indeed, West Kerry music, song, and dance bares many of the hallmark traits that Hill & MacMahon expressed in their music: the freedom, the wildness, and the passion. It seemed appropriate that we would try to emulate this spirited approach in our recording.

And so, we invited 50 friends, family members, set dancers, and enthusiastic strangers to an old schoolhouse in Cuas a’ Bhodaigh to join us in a night celebrating local music, song, and dance. We hope that the ensuing 14 track highlights from that evening give you a sense of the energy and warmth that we shared that night.

Méabh Ní Bheaglaoich

Accordion / Vocals

Niamh Varian-Barry

Fiddle / Vocals / Viola / Hardanger d'Amore

Nicole Ní Dhubhshláine

Flute / Concertina

Kyle Macaulay

Guitar / Bouzouki

”Tá an scléip agus an mheidhir go mbeifeá ag súil leis ag pléascadh tríd an mbailiúchán ó thús go deireadh"

- Dara Ó Cinnéide